Bespoke Development

Fitting together a puzzleObtaining the correct software solution to support your business and provide the efficiencies you yearn for can often be a challenging and tiresome task.

Almost every business unit has unique workflows or processes which ‘off the shelf’ software packages might not fully support or can otherwise prove very costly to customise.

Cruise Technologies are experts in creating robust business solutions designed to deliver maximum business advantages at exceptionally competitive prices.

As well as designing and delivering brand new systems, we are able to offer efficient legacy system upgrades. Whether it’s a Microsoft Access database attempting to be an enterprise solution, a spreadsheet containing complex customised code or an old web application reliant on unsupported products, we are experts in replacing legacy systems with cutting edge business solutions. Critical data stored within your legacy system can also be migrated using a process of extraction, transformation and loading.

Our development teams follow strict software development lifecycle and project management methodologies and our modern approach to software development ensures our solutions utilise the latest proven technologies. Furthermore, all our solutions are secure, efficient, accessible and built for ease of maintenance and future change.

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